J. Patrick Kenny

Managing Director, Bevequity Advisors

J. Patrick Kenny is the Managing Director of Bevequity Advisors, a business development and strategy consulting firm focused on advising brands, retailers, developers and private equity firms in the food and beverage consumer goods sector. Mr. Kenny oversees all
aspects of Consumer Food and Beverage, from strategic consulting and business development to M&A advisory in the food and beverage industries with clients domestically as well as in Latin America, Asia, Europe, Russia, and the UAE. Mr. Kenny is also a co-founder of Montauk Ventures, an investment vehicle for high profile properties in the Hamptons NY and a principal at BevEquity Advisors, LLC.

Until recently, Mr. Kenny was Chairman and CEO of Drinks Americas Holdings, Ltd. a company which he took public in a reverse merger achieving a $200mil capitalization. Mr. Kenny was successful in establishing multiple brands and expanded company sales across three continents. The company was sold to a Mexican tequila concern in May of 2011. In his twenty five year consumer products career, Mr. Kenny has led the commercialization of numerous leading global brands and has led the entrepreneurial creation from start up to exit of prominent brands at both public and private companies. He has been successful in establishing joint ventures and commercial relationships and has worked with the distribution systems of Coca Cola (CCE), Pepsi Cola, Anheuser Busch, Miller Coors and all key wine and spirits distribution organizations both in the United States and internationally.

He is a former Senior Vice President and General Manager of Joseph E. Seagram & Sons, for which he held a variety of senior management positions over 22 years, with increasing levels of responsibility in Seagram’s alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage divisions. Mr. Kenny managed Seagram’s worldwide carbonated soft drink operations from 1992 through March 2000, expanding the business nationally and then in Europe and Latin America. He held the title of Senior Vice President and General Manager when he left Seagram in March 2001, prior to its sale to Vivendi Universal .

In April, 2001, he co-founded Sweet16 Intermedia, Inc., a trademark licensing and media company which was sold to TEENTV Inc., a media company for chain retailers and mall properties. He has acted as adviser to several Fortune 500 beverage marketing companies, and has participated in several beverage and food industry transactions.

Prior to joining Seagram’s, Mr. Kenny was employed in a range of sales and sales management positions with Scott Paper Co., and then Coca Cola’s Wine Spectrum. Mr. Kenny was educated at West Point (U.S. Military Academy), until an athletic injury required lengthy treatment.

He later received a B.A. at Georgetown University in International Relations, an M.A. at St. Johns University in New York and attended the INSEAD Senior Executive Program.