Wine Compliance

Developed and implemented a comprehensive regulatory compliance strategy for one of the world’s largest wine companies.  The plan included a transition from outsourced licensing and registration to building an inhouse fully operational compliance department, allowing the company to have full control over it’s brands, improving efficiencies and providing significant savings in outsourced administrative fees.

Organic Vodka

Developed the Strategic Plan for an Organic Vodka brand, expanding the company from regional to national distribution, positioning the company for Private Equity investment and growing the brand in the very competitive vodka category introducing the principals to strategic partners and financial contacts.

Organic Tequila

Acting as Operating Partners for an organic tequila brand relaunch managing the multi-million dollar brand plan for the strategic, tactical and financial success and execution of the National Roll Out. Conducted the focus group and branding work and developed both the production, marketing and tactical launch plan, assisted in making material strategic introductions and positioning the brand for national relaunch.

Agave Beer

Bevequity provided the regulatory support to help launch a break though Agave based beer, managing the difficult licensing issues associated with the new “agave” product format.  We navigated the TTB and FDA systems in order to allow this new product to enter the lucrative $189 billion US alcoholic beverage market

Special Format Tequila

We took a dormant tequila brand doing business in less than a dozen markets selling less than 3000 cases to national distribution in all fifty states with more than 50,000 cases sold in less than 11 months. We then managed to achieve international distribution for working through all the difficult administrative requirements for Asian market export and distribution.

Self-Serve Shot Business

We were retained by an investor group to asses and develop a brand launch plan and program for a specialty shot business.

Private Equity Advisory Services

BevEquity has confidentially advised several of the largest leading firms on investment opportunities they were exploring in the Rose Wine, Coffee, New Age and Craft Beer category. The scope of these projects where in the range of $50M to $500M enterprises.

Real Estate and On Premise Account Development

BevEquity has worked with a range of top-tier On Premise accounts on both the site selection, operation and management of bar, nightclub and iconic on premise operations both in Metro New York, The Hamptons and Los Angeles.

Private Equity Advisory work on Global Food Acquisition

Assisted Polaris Fund in due diligence and building out their management, business and strategic plan for the purchase and global expansion of Iceland’s Skyr Yogurt and Dairy Food company. (Icelandic Provisions) resulting in an $11M investment and global expansion of the company.

Family Office Business Acceleration

Worked with Chris Burch’s Food fund in advancing the scale and profitability of Little Ducks Organic Baby Food Company leading to a successful scaling of the business, return to profitability and exit within six months.

Brand Extension

Assisted the world famous Four Seasons Restaurant in New York in building out and executing the expansion of a branded line of specialty foods marketing the iconic establishments global branding

Grocery Tech Due Diligence Assistance

Advised a large scale PE Company on an investment in grocery retail direct to consumer technology leading to a $20mil stake in the now globally successful business.

Dessert Company Management Role

Acted as the operating partner in the expansion of a specialty dessert company leading to large-scale commercialization at Bloomingdales and prominent direct to consumer operations.

Organic Soup Company

Acted as the operating partner in the expansion of a regional organic and all natural soup company leading market expansion and brand repositioning. Completed a relabeling and reworked the production relationship making the company better suited for profitable expansion.

Family Office Business Build Out

Developed the strategic plan and acted as operating partner to a large scale family owned electronics company in the expansion of their business into the electronic cigarette market and new market verticals leading to a successful operating business. Developed brand labeling and look, developed and executed the business plan branding initiative, expanded distribution matrix and then hired succession management.

Iconic Brand Development

Developed a complex food marketing and distribution initiative in the dessert and food category working with the world’s largest talent agency.

Business Services Creation

Assisted a global business intelligence and security company in developing a consumer product, management and production protection business specializing in trademark and facilities protection.

Company Management and Planning

Worked as operating partner for a global sports Icon in developing a worldwide candy and snacks business that resulted in material joint ventures and strategic partnerships.

Private Equity

Advised several Private Equity and Family Offices with respect to consumer product and beverage investments and industry verticals they had interest in leading to acquisition or exit.